Writing must come first

I’m the sort of person who likes to get any jobs I have to do out of the way before moving on to something more enjoyable.

The trouble is, jobs like vacuuming and putting up a shelf often expand to fill the available time. There’s always something else to do.

Writing is a discipline. You can’t let it slide. So I sit down and write first, and leave a fixed window of time to do everything else afterwards. The mundane jobs still get done, and so does the writing.

It’s the same with hobbies. If I start doing something else before writing, the writing invariably doesn’t get done. If I write first then I can relax and enjoy being hobby-tastic without the writing-monkey clinging to my back.

The good thing is, the more of a writing routine you get into, the easier it is to slip into a session. Sometimes the 1000 words comes out quicker too (but don’t bank on it).

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