Monthly Archives: August 2014

Beta Readers

I’ve been plugging away since January rewriting a novel that’s sat in my electronic bottom drawer since 1998.

It’s been a long job, and after realising the end was finally in sight about six weeks ago I’ve been working exclusively on finishing it. Short stories have been set aside as well as work on plotting my next effort, not to mention annoying my family with non-stop keyboard tapping and grunted responses.

I finished yesterday and it’s now with a few beta readers.

I tried using beta readers for my last novel, with little success. I just picked some friends and sent the ms out. Months later, after some prodding, I heard back from two, maybe three of them. The comments were verbal, brief and–to be frank–no use at all.

So this time I’ve picked fewer friends and asked them to jot down their thoughts in an email. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve set the book aside for a month while I catch up on other projects, so if they haven’t got back to me by then I’ll press on regardless.

If any of you SF readers out there are interested in acting as a beta reader I would be more than happy to send the latest tome over. If you happen to be a writer as well I will also return the favour.